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Person Cleaning Window


We offer Detailed and Deep Cleaning services and they can be done as a one-time or recurring service. A detailed description is provided so you can know what you are getting. Prices vary by size of property, the type of cleaning your property needs.

  • Reachable Interior & exterior windows  

  • Cabinets Interior(Must Be empty)

  • Cobweb Removal

  • Reachable blinds dusting

  • Reachable Blinds wet wiping/wash

  • Interior of refrigerator and Oven      

  • Patios, Porches and Balcony                                                                   

  • Floor Scrub                

  • Walls Dusting

  • Walls Spot clean

  • Deep Clean without the deep clean package

  • Pets                    

Services We Don't Offer

          WHAT WE DON'T DO
  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Move-outs including Evictions, Hoarders

  • Daycares, Churches, Gyms, Spas, Restaurants, Salons & Barbershops, Malls

  • Excessive Clutter

  • Attics, Unfinished basements

  • Closet/Pantry/Garage organization

  • Lifting of heavy items

  • Surfaces above arms reach

  • Exterior Windows above arms reach

  • Wall cleaning from smoking

  • Full Carpet Cleaning

  • Furniture Treatment

  • Mold & hazardous substance removal

  • Roaches, bed bugs & rats infestation 

  • Animal Waste

  • Extermination of any kind

  • Post Construction

  • Glass Removal

  • Landscaping/Yard work

  • Grill Cleaning

  • Grout Cleaning

  • Floor waxing

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Hardwood Rejuvenation

  • Property Management duties

**All quote received are an ESTIMATE until we actually see the property. 
**Please make sure to choose the right package as we will not accept extras request when we get to the property

**We reserve the rights to upgrade your package choice if more work is required to bring your property to hospitality standards, you will be notified and a new invoice will be generated and payment will be required before we start working.

**If your property requires any work listed in the
NOT INCLUDED list, we have the right to cancel the appointment and your deposit will not be refunded. 

**Let us know in advance before rescheduling in order for us to decide if we want to take you again as a client.
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